As an agency, we develop inclusive design strategies by using anti-disciplinary approaches that fuse the tenets of art, design, science, technology and society to illuminate alternative models for growth and sustainability.    




We work as a collective and think-centre made up of artists, designers, scientists, writers, psychologists and technologists amongst others, by bringing together these unlikely disciplines of talented people to develop strategies as the thinking extension of any team.

Our work prioritizes and centers contributions from excluded communities.


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For this project, we developed a collective research study between the team at Artengine and community leaders that support historically marginalized artists to develop an arts residency program that disrupts habitual methods of art practices and art making to support inclusivity.

An arts residency

program for Artengine

Digi60 is a festival for emerging filmmakers that required a new strategic plan to transform it from an annual festival to an organization that offered full-year programming. So, we developed a sprint plan that clarified its long-term vision, while creating a communication pathway with the filmmakers it intends to support.  

A strategic sprint plan for a film festival

Woke Studios was conceptualized to create an alternative blueprint for Afro-influenced emerging artists to find success in the music industry. We continue to develop strategies that use unconventional methods of growth for the company and the artists it represents.

A growth plan for a music company

SoGal Foundation is the global platform and charity for a New York and Singapore-based venture capital firm. Their mission is to close the diversity gap in entrepreneurship and venture funding. So we developed a growth strategy to expand their platform to Canada.

A dedicated community for a Venture Capital Firm

Alt-Hotel is a boutique hotel with a minimalist aesthetic and atmosphere. In lieu of an in-person concierge service and to uphold its guest autonomy focus, we developed a concierge tool that offered a self-directed experience for guests, available across digital tablets around the hotel lobby & lounge areas.  

A digital concierge

for a boutique


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