— Feature Documentary

Know Her Name (2024)

What if Esther Eng and Zora Neale Hurston weren’t shunned as film pioneers, would their stories be told differently?

Know Her Name is a feature-length mystery and POV documentary that unveils the hidden legacies and undervalued contributions made by Esther Eng and Zora Neale Hurston in the film industry.

It parallels the lives of these two women as they used filmmaking as an art form to illuminate the rich stories of racially diverse communities.

Told from narrations by their families and contemporary Canadian filmmakers who are inspired by them, Know Her Name illuminates the process of erasure from the dominant narrative, typically experienced by women, and those from communities on the margins.

Executive Producer: Ngardy Conteh George, Münire Armstrong

Directed by: Zainab Muse

Produced by: Heidi Lasi, Zainab Muse

Written by: Heidi Lasi, Zainab Muse

Duration: 90 mins

Language: English

Platforms: Super Channel, Hollywood Suite, YES TV

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