— Drama Series

RUN (2024)

Run is a suspense/thriller and surprisingly fresh take on the zombie genre. We meet each member of our group of survivors in their "pre-apocalyptic" state, living normal lives moments before life altering chaos erupts. This anthology of stories soon collide as a cast of unlikely allies forcefully team up to survive the cataclysmic events to come.

Created by: Chris Love

Executive Producers: Odiri Iwuji, Mandla Dube

Directed by: Mandla Dube, Chris Love, Zainab Muse

Produced by: Chris Love, Zainab Muse

Associate Producers: Rebekah Leyva, Nickie Shobeiry

Featuring: TBD

Duration: 1-hour / episode

Language: English

Platforms: TBD

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